Breath of the Earth Vintage was born out of an intention to honor the Earth, ourselves, our bodies, our desires. Through careful and conscious curation, I collect pieces of beauty, of eras past, to breath energy back into, to cleanse, restore, and rehome. I hope to pass along these slices of divinity, these old and new labors of love, to those who cherish them. 

I believe in finding beauty in what already exists. So much of creation is recycled, the natural cycle of the planet, of energy, of ourselves. It only makes sense to clothe ourselves in the same way, to find inspiration from the past and to mold it to our present. I’m drawn to vintage for it’s craftsmanship, intricate details, captured magic, and imagination.

Many vintage pieces have a layered history. I believe in acknowledging the cultural and historical significance of a piece, who it was made by, who it was made for, before considering buying or selling it. In something as sacred as dressing ourselves, it is best to be intentional in every aspect.